Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Music meme

Norm wrote on this current music meme, and Darren smartly decided to skip waiting for an invitation and write on it anyway: smart choice. And thank you for thinking of me: usually they're several weeks old by the time they make it to my inbox. Still doesn't help me with the passing it on (especially as Kara as done it), and I'll have to write my answers at a slot when I'm at home...


Total volume of music on my PC:
BWAH! Sorry, but given that Noah would have turned his nose up at our antiquated machine, I can truthfully say that I possess no music on my computer - illegally downloaded or otherwise. Our house is a PC music-free zone. NTL have actually given up calling us offering Broadband having finally got the message that even if we could afford it, our machine would look at the concept and go "huh?" I can rather identify with this great quote I found on Television Without Pity from one of their reviewers:
If I were at my house with my Tivo, I would slo-mo through all of them to see if I can pick out the individual episodes, but I'm temporarily visiting The Luddites' Museum Of Consumer Electronics, a.k.a. my mom's place. This month's special exhibit is the first VCR ever made. Seriously. In place of a brand name, there are the letters VCR, and if you turn it over, the serial number reads 0000001. It's in stylish brushed aluminum and was bought by my parents in the beginning of Reagan's first term. Remote control? Not happening. It only records channels two through thirteen. Remember when the entire world of television was the range of channels two through thirteen? And that was if you had cable. If I get hungry and/or wish to work out later, I'll go into the kitchen exhibit and nuke some popcorn. The microwave has a hand-crank.
Song playing right now:
I cheated and waited till I was at home, left myself a note about this blog and then when I stumbled over the note later in the evening I went with what was then playing. It was of course Arcade Fire and the awesome dynamo that is "Rebellion (Lies)".

Last albums I brought:
Sons and Daughters Repulsion Box; Sleater Kinney The Woods (sadly still not quite up there with the breathtaking All Hands on the Bad One); and Rough Trade Indie-Pop Volume 1 (including early works by Magnetic Fields, Camera Obscura, and former house-mates of Cloud, The Darling Buds).

Bless Fopp and Selectadisc, for thou are the providers of quality music.

Five songs I've been listening to a lot:
Definitely Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)" from Funeral, which just sends shivers through me for the pounding it sends out; Superqueens "Rat Poison" (ta George: the powers have got us running on a wheel); Boom Bip and Nina Nastasia "The Matter of Our Discussion" (haunting); Rufus Wainwright "The One You Love" from Want Two (for the musical key change on "I'm singing 'oh, Jerusalem, oh, Jerusalem' ..."); and Sufjan Stevens "For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti" from Greetings From Michigan. That last one is definitely an artiste I am looking to acquire more by.

Passing along:
Okay, if the Wolf saves himself for reading news and articles, then maybe he listens to music. Pah, of course the wolf does: I passed on the Wolf's fun answering of a series of questions with the song titles of a selected band. This was also taken up by Jim at TimesNewRoman under the title "Surrealistic Pillow"- good clue as to his chosen band! (And btw, added to my blogroll).

Otherwise I need some time to think of respondents: especially if I am going to get anyone new(ish). Add a comment here if you wish to be music-memed?

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