Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The latest George collection

Got home last night to find an envelope addressed to "Dudes!": yes, a fantastic selection of tracks including Superqueens "Rat Poison" (working on the wheel), The Pipettes "School Uniform" (I love a girl in uniform...), extracts of music and dialogue from the beautiful Before Sunset (including the poignant Waltz track), and - as if the guy knew / remembered I had loved it on first hearing - the breathtaking track "The Matter (Of Our Discussion)" by Boom Bip featuring Nina Nastasia.

Too, too much to take in.

We listened last night to these recommendations and I would have loved to have listened tonight as well. Unfortunately, I am committed to visiting the local UGC to view Revenge of the Shit (copyright John at C&S): aka "Back to the start we are; wasted our time we did" (courtesy of the Times review) and "Moody teen wanders with little green guy and man with beard. Teen gets new hat. Little green guy and man with beard hides. The End" (courtesy of a FiveLive listener responding to Mark Kermode's review). Mustn't grumble though: it gives me a chance to see how my pal Helen Lisette is getting on after I found her this. Any excuse for a girl's night out - even if we do end up laughing our heads off at the terrible movie.


Neil said...

But I can listen to it. And I can finish Pelecanos's The Big Blowdown.

Have a good enjoyable film night.

There's more to life than George "I can't direct myself out of a paper bag and my scriptwriting is at a level a pre-schooler would be ashamed of and my awareness of identity politics is woeful" Lucas. Much more. You know. I think there's a song in there, somewhere.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

"And whoever would have thought
The books that you bought
Were all I loved you for"

Not true of course, but equally a great line appropriated.