Wednesday, March 02, 2005

West Wing Season 5: nearly two months to wait

I do my best not to be too spoilered by TV series, but I had been busted about the end of Season 4 by reading the collection of scripts offered by Aaron Sorkin from seasons 3 and 4. Didn't stop me climbing the sofa watching the penultimate episode on Friday... nor when we 'cheated' and borrowed Helen Lisette's DVD copy to watch the final one (Cloud had gawped and pleaded "Can we call Helen!? I can't wait till Friday!). If anything, knowing what was happening made it even more exciting. Still, I have done my best to keep the details from myself about Season 5. PLEASE NO SPOILERS... I even manage to read synopses on TWP without alerting myself to ongoing plotlines. [It's a trick I perfected when watching the final seasons of Buffy - blur your sightline whilst locating the correct boxes to get to pages where you are not going to read anything too spoiler-ish. A fine art and very useful!]

I also caught up on the one episode from this season we missed: it screened here just before Xmas and was about CJ and her father's diagnosis with Alzheimers. Good episode; as ever Alison Janney was a goddess and beauty and acting ability... but man, it was hard for me, and I'm glad I didn't watch it any earlier. Too much hitting close to home in terms of dealing with my own dad.

Anyway, at least the DVD's are coming out a little swifter over here... April 25th for Season 5. Because Lord-a-mucksy knows when the darn thing will get on terrestrial TV.


Neil said...

I've heard that Jed Bartlett is implicated in a Black Oil scam.

Richo said...

You should see the grief we get here in Melbourne! Ch 9 who own the rights, showed half of season five decided the ratings were too low and canned the rest. Blighters won't release it to another network and cable can't show it until free to air does. Canundrum my ass - I'll get the DVD of season five in April shipped outfrom the UK - cheers!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Good luck with getting S5 from the UK. I havent yet entered multi-region DVDing yet. Still, am counting the weeks till the S5 release! ta for your comments though!