Monday, March 14, 2005

Kelley Armstrong: Weekend Reading

Over the weekend I felt rather disinclined to be marking. So instead, I had a reading fest and sped my way through some enjoyably frothy novels. Yes, I'm back on the novels of Kelley Armstrong. Having read Bitten, this weekend I finished reading the second Elena Michaels novel, Stolen, and then did a mad continuous read-through on the Paige Winterbourne books, Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic. Those interested can follow up on these books by checking out Kelley's website, with extract chapters giving a good indication of the style of the narratives.

I'm rarely a fantasy fiction gal, but these are relly good page turners (not little though).

The next one, Haunted, is due out in May so the idea is that Celeste and I will read it together... if we have that much patience I will be amazed!

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