Monday, March 14, 2005

Page 45: reading the Lucifer books

I know, I know John (for when you get back off your much deserved holiday)... I said I was not going to be blogging and yet here I am...

Well, whilst I have energy and time I'm blogging. It's just I needed a get-out clause for if I felt unable to... and anyway, tonight I really HAVE to do my marking... sniff... whimper...


Page 45, for those who don't know it, is the best comic and graphic novel store in the UK. They even have an award to prove it. This weekend, as well as reading the Armstrong books, I also got through vols 5 (Inferno) and 6 (Mansions of Silence) of the Lucifer series. These take the Lucifer Morningstar character from the Sandman novels and have developed an entire other storyline. Mike Carey et al have continue to do a great job of bring the characters to life. Good stuff.

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