Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscars: some wrong and few right

Well, I think my correct guesses for the BAFTAs were just that: guesses!


Animation: The Incredibles beat the opposition hands down
Art Direction: The Aviator. I think that whilst the film looked good, in their hearts I think the academy thinks they have blown a decent chance to reward Scorcese. It's the honorary Oscar for him I think...
Cinematography: The Aviator - same reasons.
Costume: The Aviator - and again.
Best actor: As Don Cheadle said, if he had been announced as the winner the first thing through his head would have been Foxx's fist. No great surprises there.
Best supporting actress: Cate, of course
Make-Up: Lemony Snicket was too good not to award this category to it.
Music (Score): Finding Neverland. Got that.
Music (Song): The Motorcycle Diaries. Another hit.
Sound Editing: The Incredibles... another hit.
Sound Mixing: Ray... of course
Screenplay (original): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ... Okay so this was a personal choice, rather than my 'bet' but I would like to note that the Oscars awards in this category are the only ones I most regularly agree with.


Best actress: on reflection it was Hilary by a mile. the acceptable face of difficult issues...
Best supporting actor: I forgot to take account of the sentimental vote... of COURSE Morgan Freeman was going to win this!
Best Director: It is hard not to feel some woe for Scorcese, especially when another long-time servant of the industry gets the award. Did Eastwood deserve it? On balance, I think yes because to award it to Scorcese would have been more about his past misses (not as it stops them on other occasions).
Documentary feature: Born into Brothels... I didn't see that coming.
Documentary short: Mighty Times - The Children's March... missed that as well.
Film Editing: The Aviator... another technical award. Personally I think they missed one with not giving something to the Cola Troll.
Foreign film: The Sea Inside... how could this not win? Disability always wins out for sentiment in the Oscars, even if the portrayals are deservingly well-thought through.
Best film: Million Dollar Baby hit the big mark. Poor Marty. The East Coast boy ain't ever gonna get it...
Short film (Animated):Ryan... BAFTA no help in predicting that.
Short film (Live Action):Wasp.. Again, BAFTA no help.
Visual Effects: Spiderman 2... I was not that impressed with this, but I did think the effects were better than in the first one. Also, Kirsten looked hot...
Screenplay (adapted): with the noting of it being a popular minor hit, Sideways was atually an inevitable winner. Especially as MDB got so many of the other awards that Sideways was never - and in some respects should never - have got a look-in at.

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