Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 39 Steps - Monday 14 June 2010, Nottingham Theatre Royal

The 39 Steps is one of Hitchcock's best loved 1930s British thrillers, scarcely bettered by later versions (despite the 1978 version having clockface drama).

Now well established at London's Criterion Theatre, the Patrick Barlow* version however is another kettle of pisces entirely.

Currently on tour, and in Nottingham until Saturday 19 June at the Nottingham Theatre Royal, this version of The 39 Steps is a hilarious romp full of witty visual inventiveness.

Neil and I had a great time on Monday at the show, and would happily recommend it. Worth seeking out wherever it may appear (and versions have been well received across the world), it's well written, very entertainingly played, and the (small) cast deserve awards for their near non-stop action. A hoot.

Although there are some video montages from this version, I think they give too many of the gags away but for some context, here is the trailer to the Hitchcock version. Which is still great, just very different.

* I used to know (another) Patrick Barlow back in the day. Not this one (I don't think).

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