Tuesday, June 08, 2010

NO: we are NOT "all in this together". Moreover, the cuts will not "affect everyone"

Can we just nip this utter cobblers in the bud please?

We are NOT all in this together. And frankly the only way canyone can state "cuts will affect everyone" is if you finish it by adding "... but some rather more so than others".

Millionaires: unless you are going to start getting taxed at 95% on your income and assets holding, and the loopholes get closed, AND you get prosecuted for not paying up, then quite honestly your 'fair share' of the burden of spending cuts and tax rises going to hit you negligably - if at all.


Proportionately, those least well-off will always pay a higher price for reductions in the state and increased costs.


jams o donnell said...

Well said Lisa!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ta Jams, though I did get home to read the Guardian and found someone had written a similar letter to their letters page. Oh well: further proof I can't be original but at least here I get to swear!

Steve said...

Hear-effing-hear! It's in the Tories blood to hit the poor but the Liberal Democrats as well????

Vince Cable - you're a disgrace.

J.J said...

Absolutely right Lisa. It makes me so angry to see Cameron with all his privilege and money insulting our intelligence with the 'All in together' shite.

chrissie_allen said...

Perfectly put Lisa.
Tee hee, I'm SO glad you get to swear!