Friday, June 04, 2010

London: cricket, a party, and exhibitions (Spring Bank Holiday weekend 28-30 May 2010)

Pictures to follow - possibly.

Friday last week we did one of our regular trips to London - so we of course stuck to the routine of a meal at Pizza Paradiso (Ristorante Olivelli) on Store Street, despite most of their neighbours being boarded up for renovations.

A nice walk on a good night and then we had an early start the next day as we were off to Lords.

Yes. We went on the SATURDAY to Lords for the Bangladesh v England test, the day with the worst weather.

Oh well, least we were in the members enclosure* so it was a bit more sheltered from the worst of the rain. And we had lots of good company for chattering and food/drink sharing. Always the best bit of a good cricket match!

We were lucky and did get some play, eventually, but it was mostly just nice to be there. Its quite a place to visit.

As bad light drew the match to a close, Cloud and I had to gallop off as there was a second reason we were in London: a friend's 50th birthday party.

This would have been something to really look forward to had I not got myself in a total knot over the fact it was on a barge.

The Battersea Barge to be precise. Which, had I checked it properly in advance, would have been obviously revealed as a very dry-docked building. Hurrah. I'm not the best fan of water-based vessels.

Anyway, said party was fine but will be chiefly memorable for the Barge's resident dog, Mungo.

Mungo was a VERY cute poodle type dog, approximately 15 months old. Sweet little face; very affectionate.

Unfortunately a BIT TOO affectionate for one guest who found he took to shagging her arm as she was sitting down. So much so that she had to, ahem, clean up...

Horribly hysterical for everyone there. (Though Mungo must have thought he was on to a winner as when she went to go and clean herself up in the Ladies, Mungo followed her up the stairs and into the toilet... "going somewhere more private! way-hey my luck is in!!")

Like I say, horribly amusing.

Sunday was a more sedate affair. We packed up to leave the hotel and nipped across to see the British Library exhibition Magnificent Maps; Power Propaganda and Art.

I cannot recommend this exhibition highly enough. It is visually stimulating, full of fascinating details and just a real thrill to move around. Warning: you're likely to end up spending at least 30 mins looking at the detail on Stephen Walter's 'The Island' - an idiosyncratic map of London and well worth the FREE admission and your time in itself.

We then moved on to the Southbank. At least our intention was to get to Tate Modern for the new photography show there. Forgetting the closure of Blackfriars, we had to loop across slightly, changing at Embankment and ending up to Monument (it was a great day but I'm not good with heights so we stayed on the ground to admire its newly cleaned up beauty). From there we realised we were close enough to make ANOTHER attempt at locating the National Trust pub.

And at last we found it!

The George Inn dates from the 1600s and is not only beautiful but also does some fine food. VERY good chips for a start!

After a refueling and alcohol, we walked across to the Tate but we hadn't really left ourselves enough time to take in the exhibition. Another day later in the summer probably. Still, we now had just enough time to do a skinny around the Surrealism gallery and then take in more sunshine before heading back to St Pancras.

And home to watch Doctor Who...

*We're not members but came instead as guests of a friend of a friend who clearly got put down for membership at birth by his dad. Handy to know people...

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chrissie_allen said...

That sounds like a superb weekend, and well deserved amidst all your hard work. Look after yourself Lisa.