Sunday, November 23, 2008

ITV 2008/2009

Well, the ITV Winter 2008/Spring 2009 drama strand looks to have some goodies in it for sure... [watch Showreel]

I'd have shunted Primeval up the running order and its a shame that Collision doesn't get a mention, but hey, I'm gonna be pretty happy!

Hat-tip to the fansite for Douglas Henshall with thanks.


Jane Henry said...

Ooh I like the look of Demons - but not sure I can cope with Philip Glenister with an American accent. Couldn't find Primeval though... Do you notice the merrygorround of actors - Mrs Evil from Primeval in Law and Order with Freema and Bill Paterson, currently doing a turn in Little Dorrit, with Andy Serkis (overracting like mad) who also turned up with David Tennant... Six degrees of separation or what.

JoeinVegas said...

But, what about good ol Cap'n Jack and his crew, will they never get the guy who cannot die out of the reactor? When will we ever know who will join that crew? Is it scheduled to never return?

Jane Henry said...

PS Have only just twigged that Eve Myles is Maggy in Little Dorrit - so there's another connection.