Sunday, November 16, 2008

iPhoto help - thumbnail problems - resolved

What I said:
Grr - I was doing SO well. I've been transferring my photos to the mac and going reasonably great guns. When I was looking at images in events or photos the size of the image would be approximately the same size (about 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch) as the images on the Events list.

And then something happened. I probably clicked something unintentionally - yeah I know...

And now all my photos are automatically showing up as teeny-weeny thumbnails of about 1cm x 1cm! ARGH! Unless I click on each image I can hardly see WHAT the picture is!

I have tried searching for information - nothing is coming up that resolves this let alone helps me understand what the hell I did wrong in the first place. As usual almost all the info assumes I know what the heck I am doing so I can't ask an intelligent question.

Thumbnails doesn't even show up as an option to resize on the menu lists.

Any help GRATEFULLY received. Even just telling me how to phrase the question on a forum so I can actually get a useful answer would help (previous efforts in this regard have mostly resulted in nerd brush-offs).

Despite this can I still say that my mac is very shiny and I love it...
What I know now:
Doh: just click on the bar which changes the size of images at the bottom right... of course, I learnt this by accident rather than design!
Officially of course I am an idiot.

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George said...

Was just about to reply, well done! ;o)