Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today's laugh out loud post

Swiss Toni provided me with the biggest laugh of the day with this post on people at the gym. It culminated in a classic bit of Swiss T writing, which I hope he won't mind me reproducing:
As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, Darren was also in the changing rooms today. You might remember Darren as the guy who insisted on engaging me in conversation whilst he was stark bollock naked.

He topped that today.

When I first came in to get changed, he tried to make small talk with me whilst he was wearing the most ridiculously skimpy pair of running shorts I have ever seen. That was bad enough, but when I came back in from my run a bit later, he was just on his way to the shower and decided this was a great time -- naked, of course -- to exchange a few words with me. To complete the set, he then decided to wander across the room for a chat after I'd had my shower. Not only was I only wearing a towel and wanting to get dry and back to my desk, but he was also wearing nothing but a really tiny pair of pants and a winning smile. A really tiny pair of pants.


Three great looks, I think you'll agree. Sadly, every time I shut my eyes, I now find one of those three unforgettable images of Darren burned onto my retina.


I think he waxes his chest
That, I think you'll agree, really does burn into the retinas images you don't want... Read the rest of the post which is equally brilliant. In fact, just put him on your favourites. Heck, the earworms and his A-Z review of his CD shelves are worth getting your ass over there for...

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