Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Music Blog and Arcade Fire review

Just to let you know, we had an utterly awesome time seeing Arcade Fire last night (despite the knob-end pillock who nearly drove the band to cease the gig when he threw something directly at Win Butler that hit him in the face*).

There will be a review - hopefully with some of Neil's pictures - but it may be first appearing as an exclusive on the new music blog: Music Is Our Hot Hot Sex.

Am sure you will enjoy book-marking the new site anyway, which was set up by the lovely George. So far there's a couple of gig reviews and a piece on music radio for your delectation. We're working on the sidebars etc, so stay with us!

* The NME review online is just plain inaccurate on this matter though. The review will say how so.


J.J said...

I was supposed to be going to see them last night, but I was too ill. Thankfully I do have a ticket to see them at Ally Pally though.

AnnaWaits said...

Ooh new blog!

Matt_c said...

Going to see the Fire on the 18th.
Should be a blast. Glad you enjoyed.