Wednesday, November 21, 2007

S3 of New Who - a VERY long review

Not by me I hasten to add - although Rob got a full season Carusometer review I'd already made my remarks throughout the season!

Taking one of my regular jaunts to Behind the Sofa, I finally got around to reading Stuart Ian Burn's VERY long review of Season 3 of New Who.

It's VERY VERY long - you're not going to get through it all in a 30sec webpage read - but barring being wary of a ***few mini-spoiler-ish remarks*** its a very sympathetic review of the series as a whole and one where I share a lot of the author's opinions.

Clearly written in at least two long stints, its enthusiasm for the most recent series is nevertheless well conveyed. I suspect that the length was not the only factor affecting other BtS writers adding remarks to the comments: there's a fair amount of determined opinion running counter to much that littered the site in the wake of Sound of Drumms/Last of the Time Lords (aka SOD U LOTT). I found much of the wailing at BtS about the finale hysterically funny - heck, if you're in the mood, pretty much nothing beats their podcast reviews of the finale two eps - but it was nevertheless symptomatic of some of the greatest excesses of fan hatred about the new series.

SIB is much more tempered, whilst still picking out the "No!" moments.

If you can spare the time - and it may warrant setting to one side - then you may well find some interesting thoughts on the season. I certainly got a lot of pleasure reading it.

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AnnaWaits said...

Is it going to be worth reading if I spend the whole time screaming YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT!!! ? (Hehe)