Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things I know today that I didn't know yesterday

I missed Matt_C's birthday. Forshame.

I missed Paul Evans putting Stapleford on the blogging map via his Normblog profile.

I learned that there really are some very strange people in the world.

I learned that film makers can subvert distribution difficulties made worse by bigots.

I also discovered that after way too long away from MediumRob's wonderful blog that he has a new 'quick comments' facility that wasn't there on my last visit (which will age how long it has been since I last formally visited). There will be precisely ZERO prizes for anyone who guesses which of the quick comments on offer made me laugh aloud....


MediumRob said...

Come back! We miss you!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Well, I am provisionally hopeful of some time online tonight. Boy is having a quick sojourn in Oxford - though he promises he will return home before pumkin time - so all being wll I will indulge a huge amount of online catching up... of course the last couple of times that has been scheduled its all gone fubar at the last minute. but Hopefully as term calms a little (I'm still booking up 2.5 weeks ahead with students) I will get more time to do some evening online browsing and more lunchtimes (for just having lunch let alone online browsing!)
ta for missing me!