Sunday, October 14, 2007

Its no good: I'm just way too behind with things!

Its all spiralling out of control!

I've just spent an hour or so trying to catch up on a load of fan fic, I've written two posts and realised that I have to upload pics for several others, I've got Cloud downstairs sneezing like Sneezy of the 7 dwarfs (with a corresponding dread fear from me that I may come down with his cold - something my boss would be less than chuffed about since we're so stretched at work presently), and I'm still guilting a little at having taken a day away from house and work stuff - let alone online activities - to go to Lincoln yesterday.

FYI we went to Mrs Miggin's Pie Shop Brown's Pie Shop and Restaurant, Reader's Rest bookshop (got the Buffy book of the SunnyDale High year book!!!) and went to a Vintage clothes fair where Cloud impressed a stallholder by encouraging me TO buy more clothes. I picked up a very fetching gold/orange brocaded jacket and dress [stunning, but needs to be worn as separates rather than as a pair!] and a very lovely once-I-had-tried-it-on-I-had-to-buy-it blue lace 1930s dress with a lace jacket.

It's similar - but not the same as - this image here. When Cloud lets me have the pics he took of me wearing it, I'll post it here.

Soon I will be off to watch The Princess Bride with Cloud. I'll try and keep up and catch up folks but stay with me - I'm aware I don't want to let those I read down but there just aren't enough hours in the day at the mo!

Nudge me with emails if you need to.



chrissie said...

Hey,great day out then. Funny because I was in Lincoln the Saturday before that.Love it there.
I wanted to call in on you while in the area(well erm..kinda in the area!) but thought you'd be busy. As it turned out you were at the Decemberists' gig anyway.Love to the snuffly Cloud :)

chrissie said... that dress!!
It's totally you.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

The real dress is (in my opinion) even nicer, but this was the closest I could find.

JoeinVegas said...

So, is the one you got like the one on the left or the right? If it's the left one, pics quick please.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Joe you are very naughty....