Thursday, September 27, 2007

The very VERY VERY belated Holiday post: part one - London

Sorry for the delay and I hope you can marry it up with any appropriate pictures from the vacation!

We had a very pleasant evening in London the day before flying out to LA/NZ: Neil had reported back from his trip when he (nearly) disrupted the filming of Cornershop at the NFT/Southbank Centre whatsit place that there was a very fabby CD and DVD store. Well, he wasn't kidding. Of course, you don't REALLY want to get the consumerist munchies for such items on the way OUT of London on holiday where you have to carry them all holiday with you. So we restricted ourselves to buying "The City of Lost Children" which I have long wanted on DVD.

Of course, it was pee-ing down with rain that evening and we did get caught a bit. Made looking at the Klaus Weber water-flowing sculptures on the Southbank even odder!

We also wandered into the NFT (aka BFI Southbank) where Neil led me through the corridors of 'not-there-yet' to the actual ticket desk. Man I would have long given up if I was coming here for the first time! We nosied in the bookshop (very nice indeed - resist, resist!) and had a look at an exhibition - "Fabric Cut and Design" of drawings for costumes (and indeed some of the actual costumes) made by Ken Russell's wife, Shirley Russell. A very fascinating show (closed at start of September 2007).

Though my usual intimidated self, Neil eventually persuaded me to go into the rear bar of the NFT (SORRY: BFI Southbank) where they have very plush sofas and cushions for loungeing. Yummy! had a swift drink before braving the rain and heading for food at Pizza Paradiso in Store Street.

And so endeth part one.

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