Friday, September 21, 2007

The joys of English

Thanks be to CloudyNeil for passing this circulating gem on English pronunciation to me, and to Susan Stepney at whose wonderful webpages it was originally collated.

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Rob said...

I once began a Scottish equivalent for a friend who had sent me "Dearest creature in creation". One can have fun with Scottish placenames (Milngavie in Glasgow is surely the best - pronounced Mull Guy) as well as people's names, though the fun of course lies in hinting to the reader what the pronunciation is:

And there, resplendent in her sari
Sits vixenish, vivacious Mhairi

being a bit I recall.

Of course, if you mix them up and get into Gaelic placenames you end up with wonders such as Loch Builg (Boolig) or Sgurr Dearg (Jerrag).