Sunday, March 12, 2006

That forthcoming "long absence" explained: twelve days before going

Hee, Rosby spots the remark.

Yes folks, there will be a "long absence" coming up. As from the end of Thursday 23 March 2006 I will more than likely be away from the blog until Sunday 16 April 2006.

So actually not THAT long (but it will feel long to me).

Why the absence?

Well, I could say (as Cloud just suggested) that a 1960s blue police telephone box is coming to take me away for three weeks... Would that it was...

The truth is more prosaic: we're off to New Zealand to see Cloud's family.*

Okay, so that IS pretty exciting, but probably not as exciting as the 1960s blue police telephone box that Rosby is now picturing. Yes dear, you and Marie are hereby entrusted - from twelve days time (not a moment before!) - with looking after David for me till my safe return. I expect him to remain undamaged, unsullied (well... within reason), and preferably not having started Season Two in my absence. I'm already cross that Season Two of "Green Wing" starts a week after my departure. People: I need you all with video or DVD recorders at the ready. I will be requiring desiring (no, that's worse)... let's say "pleading" with people to not leave me on the other side of the world without hope of returning to find a stash to catch-up on of these televisual goodies.

Thanks for that...

* Actually, in terms of going to New Zealand, my lovely partner Neil's blogname of Cloud is apt since the Maori name for New Zealand - Aotearoa - is usually translated as "Land of the long white cloud"...

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JodyTresidder said...

Already looking forward to your beady-eyed observations.

I'm a kiwi by birth - and early childhood - but one of those (we are an odd subset) who are furtively disloyal to Aotearoa - because we were brought up with the idea that the UK was "superior". Some of us have consequently spent most of our more adult years getting it in the neck from proud kiwis AND snooty, purist Brits - so we live in NY and keep quiet!
I hope to rediscover NZ some day - anyway I bet your trip will be incredible.