Friday, December 03, 2004

I love/heart Huckabees

No idea what the film was about. No idea if I liked it. Except that I did. Well, I think I did but how can we really be sure about anything - even our emotions? What is real? What is life? What is our relationship to each other?
Is this the most pretentious film ever made?
Clearly you have never seen or heard of Russian Ark if you answer "yes" to this rhetorical question.
In summary, besides the fact that I am still struggling with the traumatising image of Jason Schwartzman suckling on the dark hairy breast of a long-haired Jude Law, this was weird enough to be worth seeing; funny enough to be worth staying for; and intellectually stimulating enough to make me want to read existential theory (or at least ask Mr Cloud to explain it).

And as an aside, I was much amused to find that Jason Schwartzman is a cousin to Nicolas Cage (that's a shout-out to you, Christine!), since Talia Shire - of Godfather fame - is JS's mother. That Coppola clan gets everywhere...

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