Monday, November 29, 2004

"Ultimate Film": those seen, vaguely recalled and unseen

Phew! Can I just add a note that it's rather pleasing to note just how many of these films I have actually seen (and can remember seeing).

100 The Magnificent Seven 1960 (every blooming year when growing up!)
99 Gladiator 2000 (several times, including on the big screen - obviously though I cannot beat Lisette's big screen experiences with Mr Crowe... ahem)
98 Cinderella 1951 (Ah the Disney visits to the Odeon and Futurist cinemas in Nottingham!)
97 The Private Life Of Henry VIII 1934 (TV - a Sunday afternoon... bit boring actually)
93 Chicken Run 2000 (went to the pictures to see this; no shame in being one of the oldest in the audience without children)
92 The King And I 1956 (my mum was an enormous fan of mid-century musical theatre and movies, so you can imagine how well I knew this stuff. What's not to love about Yul Brynner stomping around in big pantaloons?!)
91 The Exorcist 1974 (Mark Kermode's fetishisation of this film aside, it IS a freaky and unnerving film. Should be on every Catholic's favourite film list - no irony intended)
90 You Only Live Twice 1967 (bizarrely, because I loved the theme song, one of my favourite Bond movies. Mr Cloud, yes, I hear ya: I have now learnt you do not need to worry about missing the start of a Bond film to pick up the storyline...)

95 Notting Hill 1999 (Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts --- you would have thought I'd have seen this by now wouldn't you?)
94 The Lion King 1994 (Somehow this never appealed to me; it now being a stage musical doesn't exactly encourage me to do so either)

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