Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Shatner gets an Emmy and promotes All-Bran: is there a connection?

Okay, I need to get out more, but since Shatner's version of Common People is currently haunting me it seemed apt he should now crop up again on my cultural radar. Seems the guy has won an Emmy (!?) for his guest appearance in The Practice as Denny Crane. [This shows means little to me as, despite its long-running success in the USA, The Practice is yet another of those shows unshown by terrestrial TV here in the UK - I'm not even sure it gets much air on cable/satellite]. Then my jaw nearly hits the floor to find that he's on All-Bran adverts. Please say he is sending himself up... it's too painful to contemplate that he thinks that is a good career move. After all, All-Bran helps with keeping you moving, and let's face it, the quality of his acting and singing certainly has a similar affect on many of us...

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