Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Publicising the BBC

Only 1% of the population listen to 6Music - something that could surely be fixed by better publicity and promotion: the TV channels do cross-promotion of what's on elsewhere next, so why not the radio channels? Feedback on Radio4 has been fending queries about the rather nonsensical and increasingly regular use of trailers for the NEXT upcoming programme, due to start in 30 seconds. But if there was promotion of 'if you turn over now to 6Music it's....' or even during the programmes following certain songs 'if you liked that, why not to tune into Stuart Maconie's FreakZone on 6Music...'. This could work for all the music stations: stop being precious and share the love! it would at least make more people aware of the station.

And I know that 6Music had that TV ad a while back. Random shaped animation across a wall. I mean, WHAT the F did that mean? Who on earth was going to get that stuck in their head as being about 6Music? And would they really GET what it was about from the ad?

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rashbre said...

Plus 6music is living in a digital only world, which adds an extra hurdle to the listening experience for many people.