Monday, March 08, 2010

I Never Thought It Would Happen...: in praise of Smash Hits

Courtesy of the lovely Paulie at Never Trust a Hippy, I've found a site dedicated to that lyrics mag extraordinaire.

I've even been able to remind myself that I could correctly visualise the page from Smash Hits that gave the lyrics to 'Up the Junction' by Squeeze (one of my very favourite songs ever). Although I had always remembered it as the inside BACK cover, not inside FRONT cover. Never mind.


Brian said...

No, no, no....Up The Junction was on the inside front cover. I think that's why I bought Smash Hits for the first time - because the lyric to Up The Junction was included - and ever since I have only been able to think of that song in terms of the pink and gray graphic used to illustrate the words.

Glad you're enjoying the archive project; hope you'll stick around until July 2015....I foresee a lot of scanning in my future :)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hi Brian, yes, I don't why on earth I thought that Up the Junction was on the insiude back cover rather than the inside front. Weird what you mis-remember eh?! But a great song nonetheless and I'll definitely be back to check out the latest updates!