Monday, February 09, 2009

TV celebrities/characters to be stuck in a lift with: inspired by MediumRob via the Guardian

Anna Pickard started it (though I doubt it's a new meme in itself).

Subsequently, MediumRob has offered up his selections and Dan his own list.

The meme is: which ten TV celebrities (real or fiction) would you like to be stuck in a lift with.

Inevitably, given the sonic screwdriver, The Doctor has hit several people's thoughts. Well, yes. Duh. However, that would surely cover more of the 'people USEFUL to be stuck in a lift with (as they could help you get out)'.

Which frankly, if we're talking Tenth Doctor here, seems something of a wasted opportunity.

So with that in mind, here are my thoughts:

People to be stuck in a lift with:
  • The Doctor (because that brain, of any incarnation, with or without sonic screwdriver, would certainly work out some exit strategy; plus, you know, interesting)
  • Stephen Fry (smart and experienced in these matters; the go-to guy for the task)>/li>
  • Ross Noble (he'd probably have me giggling at the lights)
  • Josh Lyman - the West Wing (he'd sigh and rage and just be generally good company in his own peculiar way; plus, ya know, Bradley Whitford... *sigh*)
  • Lester Freemon - the Wire (because he'd be calm and methodical under the pressure)
  • Willow Rosenberg - from Buffy (because she'd use magic in a good way, right?)
  • Paul Merton (he'd help pass the minutes away)
  • Kathy Burke (because it would be interesting to see who Cloud would be more pleased to see when he sees us exit after being rescued)

  • Final thought:
  • David Tennant and Dougie Henshall (frankly, don't rush the rescue if I'm stuck with them)

UPDATE: as at 12 Feb, MediumRob has already stirred one of the most active comment threads in ages. Take a look: we've got a little out of hand you could say...


MediumRob said...
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MediumRob said...

I'd be worried about oxygen consumption with Josh around. I'm sure he'd have a spasm of some sort.

Michele said...

Teehee! I think I'll have to play with this meme...