Sunday, February 08, 2009

ITV Saturday drama: sort yourselves out!

Well, Demons is over. Did anyone who was still watching it actually really muster up much caring when watching that finale???

*sigh* so much promise squandered.

But its ending does raise another concern: when the heck is Primeval coming back? The initial expectations were for an early new year start: but then Demons blundered its way in. Now, we seem to be lurching away from that evening slot being drama, back to it being family entertainment with AntOrDec.

We're now counting on the idea that after 6 weeks of A&D we might finally get to see S3 of Primeval. This will just about make it qualify for the Spring launch that ITV seemingly promised for it.

Get your act together ITV.

NOTE: this post has nothing to do with my need for a fix of Scottish loveliness. No sirree...


Jane Henry said...

We sat through all of Demons. Mainly for the children it has to be said. The six year old put her finger on what was wrong with this series last night by saying, Why is it always so easy to kill the baddies right at the end? Precisely. If it's that bloody easy why have we wasted an hour watching this nonsense? And why on earth did Luke not remember what he learnt last week and trust Galvin??? I did like Mina's vampire turn at the end though...(But probably not enough to look forward to series 2)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yep, Mina turning was good - and I'd be interested at least in seeing how that turns out in the relationships of any season 2 (even if, my word, it echoes Buffy s2 -- never thought of that... IRONY)

I just can't see the point in investing so much energy on something that resolves itself so conveniently.

I won't avoid but I've not gone out of my way to watch it...

Andrew Skudder said...

It is lightweight and the list of things you need to willingly disbelieve is enormous.

How does somebody hide such a large cavernous library/sanctuary in the middle of London? How did anybody get that rich without anybody knowing about it?

Why so many books? With the whole world to choose from, why do the baddies only bother going to Lambeth/Southwark?

Why all the old mercs?

Why not redesign the guns?

And I still can't get used to Gene Hunt with an American accent.

And yet... I quite enjoy watching it. Possibly because I spent so much time in the Lambeth/Southwark area and like to spot the locations, but it passes an hour and it is not a bloody reality show, talent contest, makeover, and isn't set in a hospital.

Anything where you don't have to phone/text in a verdict is rare enough these days.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yes Skuds I do understand.

but it passes an hour and it is not a bloody reality show, talent contest, makeover, and isn't set in a hospital.

Anything where you don't have to phone/text in a verdict is rare enough these days.

*bravo* and on that note I do have time for it - but I haven't MADE time for it. Whereas, for mostly shallow reasons agreed, I will endlessly make time for Primeval. So shoot me.

Billy said...

Demons was okay, I watched it without thinking about laundry. On the other hand, it was far too earnest, and I only made it though to the end by pretending it was all a big joke. It needs "eyebrows".

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I like that Billy! "eyebrows" - definitely!!!

A Very Public Sociologist said...

I was never that switched on by it. Primeval is tons better - but am I the only one who finds British TV sci-fi a little bit, well, naff?

Jane Henry said...

Sorry AVPS have to disagree with the naffness comment. How can anyone find Dr Who naff???? (I admit that much as I loved it as a child, looking back at all those wobbly sets, plastic space monsters etc, the classic series now looks naff, but I cannot except NuWho is)
Primeval is very silly granted, but I'm not sure it qualifies as naff, and it does have the added benefit of Dougie Henshall.

Jane Henry said...

oops to the typo!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Loved Mr Hill on TV Burp last night reacting to someone saying "That's the last thing we want":

"No, the last thing we want is more Demons."