Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whatever happens next...

... Today will be a great day. Here in the UK (in Nottingham at least) there is strong winter sunlight. In the USA, light will shone from the expectation greeting Barack Obama's inauguration as 44th President of the United States.


Jane Henry said...

Yup. Made the kids watch as It's Historic. I think we may finally have the leader of the free world we deserve. Shit. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. He might turn out a schmuck. But I've NEVER felt so hopeful before.

chrissie_allen said...

Oh yes, absolutely historic- unlike any inauguration before it of course.I winced at the swearing in mix up....so I looked back at a couple of former ceremonies, namely JFK in 1961 and RR in 1981.
My thought that Barack Obama had jumped in a tad too early turned out to be correct. My wincing was vindicated. He had indeed interrupted the first phrase, probably nervous and excited. He had started to repeat directly following his name....without waiting for the "do solemnly swear" bit...it is all one line, as I discovered watching the aforementioned swearing ins.
What a shame. Indeed the Vice President Elect's oath is like that....it is slightly different on that first phrase. It is as BO said it. However not the President Elect's. I really shuddered when he cut into the line like that, he managed to look amazingly relaxed about it but must have been kicking himself. Then the whole thing went awry. I knew they would have to do it again!
As Jane Henry says though,it was a sweetly hopeful day.