Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cardiff in Pictures - January 2009

Cardiff visit - Friday 23 January 2009 to Sunday 25 January 2009

Helen and I decided some time ago that it was rather ridiculous we hadn't visited Cardiff recently (or in my case, at all). It is after all the capital of Wales so we figured it deserved a visit.

We also just wanted a girls' weekend away for peaceful gossip.

Anyway, we were blessed with a beautiful journey down by train (passing through Chepstow and along the river). We stayed at the Barcelo Cardiff Angel Hotel

Photo by Rullsenberg: Barcelo Cardiff Angel Hotel
... and thanks to H's superb skills in hotel booking we got a great deal that gave us dinner as well for 50p extra each -- that's 25p per two course meal. It was yummy.

Here are some shots of the visit:

Cardiff Memorial - we started Saturday by taking a good walk from the hotel past Cardiff Castle and up to the University and old Assembly Building district.

Photo by Rullsenberg: Cardiff Memorial
Deciding that a walk to Cardiff Bay from the city centre was a bit much (especially as we expected to be on our feet all day) we hopped on a bus down to the bay. And Glorious Sun came out!

Rullsenberg at the Millenium Centre Cardiff

Photo by Rullsenberg: Millenium Centre, Cardiff
It's hard not to think of this area AS Torchwood, especially as the buildings are so iconic...

Photograph by Rullsenberg: Torchwood Tower
As you can tell, I can't resist an arty photograph:

Photograph by Rullsenberg: Millenium Centre
The closer you get to the edge of the bay, the more odd the juxtapositions: for example, this is the old Pier Building, a surviving relic of the area's former life...

Photo by Rullsenberg: Pierhead Building
And this is the new Welsh Assembly building.

Being a bit dippy, I was convinced we wouldn't be allowed in the building, but Helen persisted in her belief there were people inside and approached the doors. It is an incredible building and I will hopefully add some pics from H later on (she took some crackers of the inner chamber).

Photo by Rullsenberg: Welsh Assembly building by Richard Rogers

Photo by Rullsenberg: Inside the new Welsh Assembly
We really enjoyed being out and about and the weather was fabulous (even if cold).

Photo by Rullsenberg: Cardiff bay buildings

Rullsenberg by the Torchwood Tower
And as we killed a couple of hours in the area, we were able to come out and catch the view of the Roald Dahl Plass by night...

Photo by Rullsenberg: Torchwood by night
Next day, we dreaded rain but thankfully it was bright if clouding over gradually as we left. We strolled round the corner from the hotel and walked down past the Riverside Market (did I see Julie Gardner there? Not sure...) and past the Millenium Stadium. Of course, as the stadium commemorates all manner of sporting nations, I could not resist photographing New Zealand:

Photo by Rullsenberg: Millemium Stadium New Zealand plaque
We ended our visit with a walk past Cardiff Castle: it's a real jumble of gothic styles with a Victorian vision.

Photo by Rullsenberg: Cardiff Castle

And so endeth the visit!


Rev/Views said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Cardiff. I often forget how many beautiful and attractive buildings there are in and around the city.

I guess you just get complacent when you've lived there so long you end up spend your time spent watching Doctor Who, Gavin & Stacey and Torchwood playing 'spot the street'. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm like 'Rev/Views', in that you need to see Cardiff through someone else's eyes before you can get excited about it again! To me, the Bay is just somewhere to pass an hour or two with the kids on a quiet Sunday, so it's strange to think of people making deliberate visits here!

Glad you enjoyed it; I've heard others say that the Angel Hotel is nice, especially since they did their refurb.

Michele said...

Ooh thanks for sharing. I need to revisit Cardiff (and spend more than 3 hours there, inside the University!)

Anonymous said...

A belated "croeso" :)

I was wondering if there would be a Torchwood reference... the associations make me laugh as that was exactly what my OH and I said late last night as we drove past!

Jane Henry said...

Cardiff. I remember Cardiff. I went on holiday there aged about 8/9. From your pics it looks like the only thing I'd recognise would be the castle, which I loved. It looks much posher and shinier then it did then!

JoeinVegas said...

Thanks for the pics.

Rob said...

Looks wonderful. I've never been there either, or anywhere in South Wales. Maybe I'll get there one day. "The world is large, and I've got time yet......"