Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sitting Tennant - 2008

*happy skipping!* I won the photo submission aspect of Medium Rob's Sitting Tennant feature for 2008! Okay, so this wasn't the more prestigious and more hilarious caption competition, but still! It may have initially baffled some 12 year olds, but it was definitely fun.

In truth I only went for a last gasp of grabbing pictures because I knew I would be in NZ avoiding plot spoilers and generally having a net-break so I knew I wouldn't be able to go for broke there (also it is rude to visit and spend all day on the net). To all the other submitting people, thank you for much hilarity and especially a thank you to the sites providing pictures (chiefly the DavidTennant fan site). It was a blast. Let's hope for more pics and hunting this year!

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MediumRob said...

Congratulations. You caught the Rosby hare napping!