Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Viva "Vivo": Stapleford restaurant

Part of the 'joys' of having your kitchen developed is that when you aren't putting together yet another quick pasta/tomato sauce, or scrounging a dinner place off neighbours and friends, is that you feel able to take up some take-aways and eating out opportunities.

Before Xmas a new restaurant opened in Stabo Stapleford, Nottingham. With a number of other places (mainly the swish Creme) it suggests that Stabo may be on its way up. Really?

Well, I think in addition to the independent music, photography studio, and Tile Shop, it also still needs some quality indie food providers(greengrocers, deli, butchers etc) to really get on the ladder of quality. But the arrival of 'Vivo', a new Italian restaurant, has got to be going in the right direction.

Hearing Italians chattering as they run the place always helps in an Italian restaurant (how many have you been to where they don't seem to have much hands-on knowledge of Italy?!) - even if there were some training-up locals as well. Given it was a Monday night it was pretty darn busy. And judging by the sign in their window thanking everyone for making it such a huge success but apologising that they were now exhausted so had had to shut for some of their usual Sunday opening dates... well, that suggests it's made a real impact.

I had a glorious leek and potato soup with croutons and enough garlic to keep the vampires in the next county. Lovely very fresh homemade bread too. I then had a delicious dish of layered aubergines with tomatoes and mozzarella and a side salad. Neil had had a ratatouille with cheese and garlic bread followed by penne pasta with the most moist meatballs I have ever tasted (he let me have a little piece) along with a side salad. Stuffed to the gills, we had to stop there, but the meal was lovely and the atmosphere really friendly. Most people coming in were hugged and welcomed like old friends and they were lovely in saying bye to us when we paid and left.

Lunch and early evening (before 7pm) it's two courses for £7.95 which ain't bad. We will definitely go again!


JoeInVegas said...

Hmm, one of the benefits of no kitchen, being forced to eat out.

George said...

No boob-flash there then?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ah, the famous Chequers Inn experience: welcome to Stabo!!!

Anonymous said...

28th march 2008

four of us went to the restaurant toight it looks really good fromoutside and the menu looks good.
we booked a table and booked a taxi to take us there. We went in and stood around like lemons, now normally when i go into a restaurant and i have booked i expect a "meeter an greeter to approach the group i am in and aske the normal ?'s have you booked ? etc. but no we stood there like lemons - asked not to be ssat by the door (it is quite cold this time of year" and were sat away from the door but next to the window. then the scenario - the service was absolutely appalling - but why would they bother about that the place was packed ( watch this space it won't be packed in 12 months from now ) the food was mediocre - i will never eat there again - and i know a lot of people who i will advise never to eat there - the onlu plus point the kitchen is on view to customers and they were really giving it a good scrub after service - come on employ some quality staff you must be at present raking it in - but as previously noted " watch this space".

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

That's a real shame anon that you had such a bad experience. Both times I've gone we were fondly and enthusiastically greeted at the door, seated promptly and appropriately, had good service and found the food to be very good.

Sorry you had such a bad experience: I guess we can all only go on what we observe and advice others accordingly. And certainly plenty of others we have spoken to and or met have had a very good experience there and have gone back for repeat visits.

Given many restaurants go under inside 12-18 months - and that doesn't necessarily mean they are all bad - it may not be saying much to darkly mutter 'watch this space' either.

Ah well: wouldnt do for us all to have the same response.

Anonymous said...

i went to vivo with a group from a local company i had soup of the day and followed with pizza with sun dried tomatoes ,best pizza ive ever tasted ,good service great resturant im going again soon
well done vivo!

Anonymous said...

Wont go back food nice but manager arse and very rude, never smiled and other friends that have been say the same!

Anonymous said...

I had a lovely meal and experience at Vivo's, although busy and would be better with fewer tables I would still go back there again.

Anonymous said...

I have been going to Vivo's for over 18 months now and love it. We were fortunate enough to go for dinner there on New Years Eve and had the most amazing night. The food was excellent and we danced until the early hours ( My thanks to the stunning blonde who got my 14 year old grandson to dance in public for the first time. Made his night) They also have jazz evenings which are also excellent. The staff are friendly and greet everyone who comes in, old and young, like old friends. I would highly recommend it and will certainly be booking to go again this New Year.