Thursday, March 06, 2008

Things missed, things done and things ongoing

Missed: JJ's birthday (noted via Reidski as clearly my own calendar birthday reminder 'system' is rubbish). With the CD production line currently still in damaged limbo I can't even offer a compensatory Rullsenberg compilation to the poor gal.

Then again, she may be happy about that.

Attended Mary Dearborn's talk at the British Library about Peggy Guggenheim (in association with the current excellent Breaking the Rules exhibition). It was a delight to meet Mary at last and to see such a great audience turn out on Tuesday evening to hear more about Peggy. It was also nice to be able to finally turn off the 'I have to take notes on this' mindset that chased me through the PhD years. Sitting back and just relishing the 'I know this stuff!' and the 'ooh, ooh, what about when she said/did that as well' was a joy.

Ongoing: the kitchen. If I hadn't packed the wrong cable I would have loaded up a picture of the current boarded state of the new kitchen. You'll have to wait on that one. We're hoping next week sees the arrival of the -dum-dum-dah! - new kitchen units. We may even have a functioning sink again soon...


Ms Heathen said...

Glad you enjoyed the Peggy G talk... but sorry that the kitchen is still rumbling on. At least you have the opportunity to try out all the local restaurants while the cooker's out of commission!

JoeInVegas said...

Construction pictures! Go get a new cable fast!

J.J said...

No worries darling! But your compilations are very ace!!!

(I am an open house again btw.)