Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Loved the original article by Joanna Moorhead on women changing their names when they marry which the Guardian published just after Xmas (even if it is a well-trodden path for the paper). Loved even more the letters generated. Always fun to read this kind of thing.

Still, I was even more intrigued to find another article by Joanna Moorhead when I was looking online for the links today: a piece by her on the obscure name and persona of Leonora Carrington, surrealist artist.

For those who know me, and my long-term interest in Surrealism, they will certainly know that Leonora's name is well-known to me. She remains one of the most fascinating of Surrealist artists, and certainly one of the most magical in the way her painting and writing capture the excess of reality embodied by Surrealism.

Lovely to see that she is still going strong. There are some nice images of her work here and I especially love Portrait of the Late Mrs Partridge from 1947.


Rob said...

As soon as Peggy Guggenheim's name appeared in the article I thought of you. It would be good if the Tate bought more of her stuff. Or one of the Scottish galleries.

Rob said...

And - great site. I like "Nunscape at Manzanillo" and "Adieu Ammenotep".