Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Best moment in a radio poll ever

Kept meaning to blog about this since Sunday afternoon. Listening to Andrew Collins doing his last Sunday afternoon programme on BBC6Music before moving to his new Saturday pm slot, we were quite enjoying his collating of votes for the best 'Best of' album. It was pretty inevitable that Queen were going to win (and they did: mind, he did do me the favour of playing "Don't Stop Me Now" which at least I have no qualms about enjoying because of its associations with the gloriously hysterical "Sean of the Dead". Come on, beat the zombie in time to the music!)

Still, Neil and I thought it would be nice to at least offer something a little different and (not jokingly) Neil looked at me and said "Strategies Against Architecture by Einsturzende Neubauten". I passed him the mobile and we duly texted in our suggestion, not expecting it to win though with the slender hope that it would be off-beam enough to warrant consideration for a mention.

If you read this post before the end of Friday (probably) 12 January 2007, you may be able to listen again to Collins' show for Saunday 7 January 2007 in which case can I recommend you skip to 2hr:40min where, at around 2hr:42min you can hear Collin's sharp intake of breath after he has read out our offering to which he adds "I don't know why that's not winning, I really don't..."

But as if that wasn't good enough, if you skip forward another 5 mins (to approx 2hr:48min) you can hear his rundown of the top three 'Best of' albums by announcing "and in third place Strategies Against Architecture by Einstur... no, no, not really..."

Two mentions for one of our favourite bands: fantastic!


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I'm sure it just missed the actual list!!

Paul Burgin said...

How can you be mildly dismissive of Queen, one of the best bands in British rock history!