Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On late nights and internet music

Thanks be to Geroege for he makes me feel not so bad.

First up he complains about gigs starting very late in Scotland (a pisser if you have to be at work as early as he does, less so otherwise), and then he passes on yet another recommendation for I really REALLY must set myself up with this as I always like checking out the lists.

And btw G, I take it that Tom Waits is your current favourite artiste as at end of August 2006?!

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George Walks said...

Join us, join us! C'mon, try it. No one really gets addicted. You can stop whenever you like....

As for Tom, courtesy of the russian mafia, I finally got around to getting Real Gone despite my crippled financial state, and I have to say it is totally brilliant. So chaotic and yet so controlled! It's the most enjoyable thing for me that he's made. Go check it out kids!!