Saturday, August 19, 2006

El Mahico

You can find their band site here and their MySpace site is here (including downloadable tunes!)

Can I make a recommendation to drop in on these guys and search out their music because if there is any justice they're getting a great record contract really soon.

And yo can even vote for them over at Channel 4's website and the band may get on TV!

Their little CD has been much played since we got back from last weekend's Summer Sundae festival.

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Ben said...

Yo cheers for this, we really enjoyed playing and have had a wicked response since. We're all in agreement that we should be signed a soon as possible so we can all quit our day jobs and play events like Summer Sundae all the time. Hopefully we'll be out and about soon in Leicester and futher afield. Look out for the Oxjam? festival (think its happening in October) cos I think we're booked in for that and check listings for Sumo in Leicester as we should be there fairly soon. If anyone wants further info please email us at and we'll put you on the mailing list. We have 3 tunes on our myspace site that can be downloaded for free so go ahead and get downloading -
Thanks again for the support. See you soon