Monday, November 22, 2004

Incredible Incredibles!

I SOOO want to be Elastigirl (okay, without the kids obviously! But Holly Hunter is SO cool!)

I can thoroughly recommend the latest venture from Pixar to hit the movie screens.... with one proviso. Ignore the certificate: it is NOT a "U", but rather a very sharp "PG" movie which will mostly bore or baffle anyone under the age of about 8 years old. The violence is quite dramatic and there are some quite adult issues being dealt with here: depression, alienation, self-esteem. I know these can affect children as well, but I suspect that slightly older children will appreciate this more.

These adult themes means it lacks the immediacy of appeal demonstrated by the "Toy Story" movies, but in some respects it is far superior to those. It's very smart, very funny, often quite scary, frequently moving, and ultimately a good thrill: a bit like a James Bond film (from which genre it liberally steals set scenes!)

Craig T. Nelson (who is obviously a major "Who's That Guy?" from his extensive resume) lends a great sense of gravitas to the lead role of Mr. Incredible that certainly deserves some plaudits, but all the cast admirably bring their characters to life through their vocal talents.

Go, enjoy - you do not need to take the kids!

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