Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Mummers - rescheduled to exactly when I can't attend. GRR!

Drat: had hoped to have alate 'get ass in gear' moment getting last minute tickets for The Mummers gig, due in Nottingham this coming week (it was to have been Wed 24 Nov 2010).

What do I find?

Bloody rescheduled to be the weekend of BAAS when I'm stuck at UCLAN.

Drat (and other stronger words).

Still, on upside (and though I can't believe this had by-passed me before) I have just realised I've been following performer Raissa -- singer with The Mummers -- for longer than I thought.

Her single 'Your Summertime' has been entrancing me since its release in 1996!!!

Raissa - Your Summertime

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