Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Have the bullets finished flying yet? Looking back on Episode 3 of the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who (Spoilers, obviously)

You kinda knew from a very specific point in the episode that this would be one that would draw out the nay-sayers. That the forums would be full of raging Doctor Who fans grinding their teeth. Their under-10 year old children, mind, would probably be looking forward to their next shopping trip.

Yes, this was Moffat rescinds his statements about merchandising big style.

This was the Doctor and his amazing technicolour Daleks. They come in red and yellow and orange and white and blue and...

Ya see what I mean?

Anyway. Much ink in press and online has already been expended on this, probably missing the point that quite a lot of people seemed to enjoy it. Yes, I'd have liked both the Doctor and Amy to have had more to do; yes, Churchill reminded me of the dog than the PM; yes, the shoe-horning of personal distress amongst the war-room staff was pointless. BUT...

I did like the Doctor getting cross even if it went on too long mind with the attack on the servile Daleks (though "would you like some tea?" was very amusing). I also really like this rip-in-time arc (reset button: fine by me). The technicolour dreamcoat Daleks felt like a roll-the-eyes advert but they do look shiny. And you have to love a stand-off using a Jammy Dodger biscuit.

The issue for me was that it all felt far too forgettable, or rather unmemorable. I enjoyed but rather like a take-away meal its impact had dissipated by the time it was over. If this was originally a 2-part story, it felt butchered - stretched in parts, rushed in others. But I'd happily watch it again, mostly because I didn't even want to kill the production team after the Manhattan affair. Smith still works as a professorial crotchety doctor, but this was the first time I really missed pretty Mr Tennant.

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Skuds said...

Having watched the episode, it is my firm opinion that 'Khaki Daleks' would be an utterly brilliant name for a band.

Jane Henry said...

I did like the dalek offering tea and the fact it had a union jack. And also felt sorry for the robot. I quite enjoyed it, but agree with the criticisms. Kids all think the new daleks are awesome. Eldest loves orange though, so once there was an orange one she was happy!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Those new daleks do have a bit of a problematic 'does my bum look big in this' rear end though. great from the front, less from the side!