Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry: apologies and thoughts and updates on online communication, music and white suits

I am sorry for:

* not blogging much recently

* not commenting much either (I owe several on-line pals visits)

* sorry for being rubbish at emails (I've a stockpile requiring responses)

* sorry for not even bothering with most Facebook communications (and scarcely ever MySpace)

However, I am NOT sorry for the following:

* thinking Twitter really only works if you have 'free' texts each month; besides which, I text enough without doing more of them - surely regular tweeters will develop evolutionary damage to humanity at this rate?

* changing my mind about white suits not being the total 'no go' statement they have previously appeared (though there's an interesting piece on the white suit at Slate)

* feeling a mix of pride and sadness and fury at the sight of Troubled Diva's piece on the rise and demise of Selectadisc in Friday's Guardian: It was ridiculously thrilling to read about Nottingham's finest music retailer, especially when written about by one of our foremost music reviewers in the area; it was terribly sad to think of the place closing soon, and not even going in for another last purchase (we've bought something from the shop virtually every month we've lived here and it's been a rare visit to town that has not included a diversion through those black doors); and I couldn't help but feel a tinge of provincial fury that national coverage of music providers outside London is so shoddy that it takes Selectadisc's closure to get some national attention. *sigh*

* squealing with glee when George texted from Stockholm to say he'd heard Jarvis Cocker was coming to Rock City (I'm often late with keeping up with concert announcements so ridiculously often rely on the G-man for his timely interventions and recommendations!). Tickets duly booked, and even though I offered to go on my own, Cloud said he'd come too and even paid for his own ticket. Though I am required to not arrive at the venue at 2pm on the afternoon of the gig. Spoilsport.

That's enough for a quick return: I'll try and find a means of getting back into more regular blogging and visits, but suffice to say that by the time I'm getting home most nights at present I am pooped by computer screens... sorry about that.


mike said...

Glad you liked the article, Lisa! In fairness to The Guardian, they did run a piece on Selectadisc in 2006 - - and Jim the shop manager made a point of thanking them for their support over the years, when I interviewed him last week.

mike said...

Oh dear, let's turn that into a proper browser-friendly link...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Well, I wasn't entirely getting at the Guardian per se (and I do remember the article from 2006). But point taken - and it's nice that Jim felt they had had support from them.

It's still very sad that the shift to scarcely paying for music, let alone buying the actual thing in a hard copy format like CD, vinyl etc, has caused the end of great places like Sleccy.