Friday, March 06, 2009

Red Riding in the hood

Opinions on Red Riding anyone?

It was certainly unsettling, as The Telegraph admits, whilst The Times found Andrew' Garfield's lead as Eddie Dunford hard to like, even as they praised Grisoni (adapting the novels) and Jarrold (directing), and The New Statesman felt that the bleak tone was more exaggerated than it needed to be.

I have some sympathy for all three points of view: it was undeniably bleak and unsettling. But it was superbly acted and directed with an attention to detail bordering on the psychopathic. Yes, it was hard to find a figure to identify with - everyone was flawed; no-one behaved well - but despite that I felt engaged in a way that is relatively rare in contemporary television.

I'll be watching the remaining two parts and then finally trying to catch up on the novels.

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Reidski said...

Dunford was a horrible character. And no-one else really to identify with. Sean Bean was fantastic. And the plot not believable really.

But such brilliant entertainment!