Monday, December 08, 2008

iTunes top played - updated Dec 2008

Not a fully reflective listing of what gets played a lot in chez Rullsenberg and Cloud since stuff also gets played on the CD player, we listen to the radio a lot and of corse Neil has his own iPod and computer.

But still...

I have omitted the duplications from the last listing

Am I Ginger? 0:02 - Doctor (DW Soundclip)
Annie Waits 4:17 - Ben Folds (Rockin' The Suburbs)
It's like when you fancy... 0:03 - Doctor (DW Soundclip)
I See How You Are 3:18 - The Broken Family Band
Stormy Weather 3:00 - Nina Nastasia (Dogs)
A Relatively Famous Victory 6:22 - Ballboy (I Worked On The Ships)
James McCrimmon 0:04 -Doctor (DW Soundclip)
A Good Reason 4:12 - Broken Records (Gig EP)
Bandit Queen (w/TD) 4:27 -The Decemberists (Picaresqueties)
A Grand Occasion 2:07 - Modified Toy Orchestra (Toygopop)
Dream Machine 4:50 - Stephen Duffy (They Called Him Tintin)
The Mariner's Revenge Song 8:46 - The Decemberists (Picaresque)
Cross Your Fingers 2:24 - Laura Marling (Alas, I Cannot Swim)
Start Something 6:11 - Maps (Start Something)
Frontline 3:59 - Captain (This Is Hazelville)
No Brakes 3:28 - Declan O'Rourke
The Other One 3:44 - Lisa Germano (On The Way Down From The Moon Palace)
mydoctor 0:05 - Doctor (DW Time Crash Soundclip)
Gold In Them Hills 3:33 - Ron Sexsmith
Only Bad Signs 3:11 - Billy Bragg (Talking With The Taxman About Poetry: disc 2)
TARDIS 0:03 (DW Soundclip)

Yes Joe - I hear ya...

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