Monday, December 10, 2007

Double Grrrrrr and Meh, Meh, Meh: posts I owe

What can I say people? It's been a tough few weeks.

I know that this autumn I have been rather erratic in providing blog posts: work has been considerably more chaotic and demanding and I have consequently been much more tired and disinclined to be online of an evening; the house has been in a state of upheaval most of the time since we returned from NZ; and despite these difficulties we've also tried to squeeze in some level of a social life.

So: what do I now owe you?

1) blog posts on our recent trip to London - which included a trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery (and a sighting of Timothy Spall in Dulwich Village), a visit to Tate Modern, an enjoyable rummage of Spitalfields Market and the Hawksmoor Church, an unexpected cello recital, an expensive trip to Rough Trade East, support of our favourite London independent bookstore, and much more besides.

2) A Hawk and a Hacksaw live at the Malt Cross Nottingham - this post will appear over at Music is Our Hot Hot Sex

3) update and photographs of the house (including Neil's fabulous book storage)

4) a music acquisitions list (will also be cross-posted at Music is Our Hot Hot Sex

5) my opinions on the first series of Heroes

6) my excitement at the prospect of a second series of Primeval and the return of Doctor Who

...and probably several other things I owe

1 comment:

Neil said...

Tell them about the honey ... no,not the honey, tell them about someone wearing a Slow Boat Records shop tshirt to go to Rough Trade East. And that someone taking their coat off to flash said t-shirt. And someone else approaching the someone in the t-shirt to say "It's a great shop, isn't it?" expecting a Kiwi accent in response and being surpised.