Monday, December 24, 2007

Bah humbug: merry Xmas to all!

Gah, I'm getting to be pretty damn rubbish at this online life malarky, what with all the - ahem - "real life" stuff intruding.

Still, let me not be accused of not making some effort: I gave you a Christmas card (hopefully some of you may have even had ones to your mail accounts), and I have TRIED to drop by to give some of you some continued Rullsenberg comments.

But by my own admission this last few months have been poor fare for regular readers and I spologise for that.

Still, just to bring to mind something more heartwarming EineKleine Rob reminded me of one of the most wonderful bits of Xmas TV.

You might think, after spending yesterday evening at a local cinema's packed small screen for a showing of "It's a Wonderful Life", that I would be all cried out. Heck, I even gave myself a headache from sobbing. It matters not: you can't be a good sob.

Now I am off to go and hang some Christmas decs (yes, the German in me decided that it had to wait till Xmas Eve*) and meet a friend for lunch.

Hugs to all and may I provide better blogging
Lisa of Rullsenberg

* I'd like to give credit to my semi-Germanic heritage: actually the delay was of course just from the overload of life. Meh.

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JoeinVegas said...

Don't get Wonderful Life on the telly forty seven times prior to Christmas, must see it in the cinema?
me, I'd rather do the muppets.