Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting with breathless anticipation for more Sherlock

Well, Sherlock WAS good wasn't it?

Like we ever doubted it would be so. However, it really does appear that Moff and co are on a roll here. Casting has been excellent -- Freeman is the perfect foil to Cumberbatch and stories have been delightful.

We know there should be more Sherlock episodes to come (understandably the American market has gone mad in anticipation - I bet illegal downloads have been highly popular). Thing is can we wait? Do we have the strength to let them have the time to build up equally excellent stories and filming?

And how can Moff do DW and do Sherlock alongside?

Plus, how much has the value of Benedict C and Martin F gone up since these episodes aired?

PS nice to spot the Blue Plaque for Giuseppe Mazzini at Sherlock's house in North Gower Street!

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