Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallelujah by Brigyn: a Christmas Number One?

Tom Robinson has just suggested that the now approved for release cover by Brigyn of Cohen's classic Hallelujah would make a lovely number one record in the UK (hell, I'd say everywhere).

Yep, seconded!

You can catch a listen to Haleliwia on Brigyn's MySpace page. Lovely, lovely! Let's campaign!

Update: Thanks to Ed's link (from comments) I've had chance to see Brigyn performing Haleliwia. Lovely!

Extra Update: catch a Radio 2 programme 'The Fourth, The Fifth, The Minor Fall' on this most beloved of songs on Radio 2 tonight [1 Nov 2008] and on Listen Again for the next seven days -- if we're in luck...


Ed said...

I'm well up for that, the Brigyn version is fantastic. Great to hear him play it; as well as 'Claire' by Aberfeldy their latest single.

Ed, 17 Seconds blog

Neil said...

The first.

Brilliang version of the song.

Jane Henry said...

Ooh, now I can post. That's wonderful Lisa. Thanks for sharing! (Have passed it onto writing friend who is obsessed with this song as I am)