Friday, February 29, 2008

My job

"Congratumisserations" - for when you get something you wanted but have regrets about getting it
A Cloud definition.

My job - which to date has been fractional (part year) has now formally been made permanent... and not just by the default of I have been there so long they can't treat me as contract fixed term any more.

I have also had my contract increased from fractional to full time - that is, 52 weeks per year rather than 42 weeks per year.

This brings the welcome benefit of more income. YEAH! (especially following recent events this is most welcome).


This does mean I may go straight from the end of my fractional contract in June/July into my new permanant full-time contract... Hmmm. The summer 'off' has been a bit of a life-saver in the past. I can't imagine why suddenly losing it for this summer - despite it being part of the package of increased pay and greater job security - hasn't exactly made me leap with joy...

This is not made easier by the complications in resolving the aftermath of my Jan/Feb absence as the university only allows a maximum 5 days compassionate leave...


AnnaWaits said...

I hope this works out ok for you :)

JoeInVegas said...

Well, congratulations (I think). Does this mean you can now afford the better cooker for the kitchen?

Ms Heathen said...

Congratulations on the permanent contract, but commiserations on losing the freedom of the summer months. So yes, congratummiserations it is!