Friday, October 08, 2004

Nearly my Birthday!

On Sunday it will be my birthday - scary. Still, my birthday's cannot be as bad as Buffy Summers had... her honey Angel goes all Angelus on her (Surprise Season 2: 13/14); The Watcher's Council nearly kill her and her mother (Helpless Season 3:12); Giles is turned into a Fyarl demon (A New Man Season 4:12); Buffy's 'sister' Dawn cuts herself when she finds out she's actually a glowing green energy Key (Blood Ties Season 5:13); Buffy's party goes on way too long when Dawn's wish that everyone would stay is granted by a vengeance demon (Older and Far Away Season 6:14); and in Season 7 ... well I know there was the first evil and all them Ubervamps, but really, the girl just turned 22, did the writers think we would forget?!

Maybe they were using Spike's line as a justification...?
SPIKE: So, you ever think about *not* celebrating a birthday? Just to try it, I mean.
(Older and Far Away)

As usual I have the spectacuarly useful Buffy Dialogue Database to thank for supplying me with that gem!

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Neil said...

Happy Birthday to ya. Happy Birthday.
That's Stevie Wonder. But you hsare a birthday with Thelonius Sphere Monk - that's Thelonius the Onlius. How cool is that?