Monday, July 16, 2007

Derby Food and the Peregrine Falcons

Awh, bless.

On Saturday Cloud and I had a spiffy day out in the sunshine - yes, sunshine; ball of light in the sky, blueness, fluffy little clouds, warmth: weird huh, considering it's FECKING JULY PEOPLE!!!! In the Northern hemisphere! ---

Where was I?

Oh yes. Derby.


We had a lovely time, not least because I fixed myself up with some snazzy wellies for Summer Sundae (what d'ya mean I'm tempting fate? It could take a year to dry out the bloody De Montford site at this rate). And I got some nifty Victoriana style shoes (just £10!!!). Bargain.

Post-shoe-shopping, we mooched to a new favourite restaurant - we now have suitable independent eateries in all the major East Midlands towns/cities* - The European Restaurant and Bistro. It's always a good sign when you have proper Italians serving Italian food. At the end of lunch a huge pot of fish stew was bought out and the staff sat to eat their lunch. Despite being stuffed to the gills with food, I was almost tempted to eat some more. Not quite though. Even I have limits of fullness. But we'll be back there again.

Anyway: whilst there a friendly bloke - clearly something of a regular (enough to exchange brief Italian compliments to the staff) - came and chatted to us and explained something of the history of the place (it's in one of Derby's oldest buildings, dating from around 1400ish) and asked if we had seen the falcons.

(Slightly) oblivious to the topic, we got a full run-down on the local chicks as the Cathedral opposite the restaurant has a pair of Peregrine Falcons that have come back for a couple of years and have again provided chicks this spring/summer.

Checking out the webcam is one thing; but for the less patient, try some of the videos available:

Peregrine 7: 12 May 2007 - Feeding the chicks

Peregrine 9: 11 June 2007 - Let's Poo on Mum!
Yes, it's every bit as daft as you would think - the way that mum looks round as if to say "who did that?" and the chick is all Bart Simpson...

Peregrine 12: 25 June 2007
Now the offspring are practically fully grown...

* Food places of goodness in the East Midlands:
Nottingham - Gusto (sorry, link down at 16 July 2007 17:47 BST)
Leicester - The Quarter (review)
Lincoln - Mrs Miggin's Pie Shop (sorry, too many year's watching Blackadder: unfortunate really as the Lincoln venue is wonderful!) Brown's Pie Shop and Restaurant


chrissie said...

Beautiful things;yet they freak me out a little. Hmmm. Guess I'm just a scaredy cat!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

They are a bit freaky I agree, but then I am a cat lover and these creatures could probably snatch one of them for breakkie!